APMR programs are being phased out!

We are sorry to announce that the Master's program „Advanced Physical Methods in Radiotherapy“ (APMR) is being phased out in the winter semester 2016/17. Admission is no longer possible.

Unfortunately, we were not able until today to acquire a sufficiently large number of students, which would allow us to come even close to a cost-coverage. Consequently, we decided to close the program and all tracks (MSc, PG and M0) with the beginning of the winter term 2016/17 and not to accept any new students. We will of course offer all students, which are already accepted and enrolled, to attend all the lectures and exams, which are necessary for them to complete their studies.

This decision does not mean that we will cease our efforts in the field of e-learning, but rather that we will focus on our second Master's Program Opens external link in new window"International Master "Clinical Medical Physics" (CMP) and on a module based system for continuous education (CPDs) in the field of radiotherapy physics, where we still see a strong need for advanced courses. To compose such a set of courses will take some time and efforts. A first step was already made in April 2016, with a certified course for medical physicists and radiation oncologists preparing for board certification in particle therapy (see "Opens external link in new windowSpezialkurs im Strahlenschutz für die Partikeltherapie" offered by the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) as part of the "Heidelberg Institute for RadioOncology" (HIRO)). The second course took place in December 2016. 

If you would like to be put on our e-mailing list to receive further information regarding new modules and programs please feel free to sign up via Opens window for sending emailapmr@uni-hd.de

We are very much looking forward to seeing you then!

With best regards,

The APMR program leaders (from left to right):
Prof. W. Schlegel, PhD; Prof. J. Debus, MD, PhD; Prof. O. Jäkel, PhD