The Master Online (MSc) and Postgraduate (PG) Study Tracks "Advanced Physical Methods in Radiotherapy" (APMR) offered through the University of Heidelberg in Germany are Opens external link in new windowACQUIN accredited postgraduate programs in the field of advanced medical physics delivered predominantly online. Together with the German Cancer Research Center (Opens external link in new windowDKFZ), the Heidelberg University Hospital and the new state of the art heavy ion facility, Opens external link in new windowHIT, APMR offers students flexible, multidisciplinary distance education programs delivered in English by internationally based teaching staff in the disciplines of radiology, radio oncology, radiation safety, physics and medical physics.
Since January 2014, the offered distance programs in Medical Physics have been integrated in Opens external link in new windowHIRO (Heidelberger Institut für Radioonkologie/Heidelberg Institute for Radiooncology) part of the National Center for Radiology Research in Oncology.

Unlike any other program, APMR offers its students in-depth theoretical expertise online from more than 70 subject experts in advanced cancer treatment techniques such as Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT), Image Guided Radioherapy (IGRT) and proton and heavy ion therapy as well as periodic workshops and internships at cutting edge facilities in Heidelberg, Germany. Optimum use of internet communication technologies from within the institutional virtual learning environment (VLE) facilitates peer to peer collaboration and discourse whenever it fits students' busy schedules! In light of the imminent shortage of specialists at the growing number of heavy ion beam facilities worldwide, APMR can help fill the widening gap whilst opening up opportunities to its graduates in emergent careers in teaching, research and care services.

Starting March/April 2015, Heidelberg University offers a new distance learning course, the M0 'Medical Physics Basics', designed to best prepare students for the Master Online (MSc) ‘Advanced Physical Methods in Radiotherapy’. BSc graduates in Physics, Biomedical Engineering, Medical Technology or equivalent not having or only partly having any knowledge in Medical Physics will be given the opportunity to continue with the Master Online APMR by studying the M0 course first. The M0 course is undergoing a certification by the German Association of Medical Physics (DGMP). Students having followed the M0 and Master Online (MSc) APMR course may obtain the German Medical Physics board certification of the DGMP (Opens external link in new windowFachanerkennung) under the condition to have gained three years of professional working experience. (The application of the DGMP board certification has to be initiated by the students themselves.)

Nevertheless, the Medical Physics Basics course M0 can also be studied separately.

If a Master of Science (MSc) or a Postgraduate studies certification (PG Certs) in Advanced Physical Methods in Radiotherapy from an esteemed university sounds appealing to you or/and the 'M0' Medical Physics Basics course, then why not explore our website further for more information about  the aims of our advanced curriculum, the Opens internal link in current windowexpert teaching staff who will be supporting you, our Opens internal link in current windowentry requirements and, finally, the Opens internal link in current windowapplication procedure itself. Never hesitate at any point to get in touch with a member of the program coordinating team under --> Opens internal link in current windowContact from the top menu bar.